Hello world!

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Selected web projects:

  • Gravity: a decentralized, secure, and open social network.
  • CourseRoad: a 4-year academic planner for the MIT community.
  • DRSP: a real-time massive multiplayer decentralized virtual world. (only works in Chrome)
  • Selected writings:

  • The Case for a Decentralized Social Network
  • So You Want to Leave Facebook: A survey of social networks, from Signal to Scuttlebutt
  • Free [magic internet] money

  • $10 of Bitcoin if you don't already have a Coinbase account.
  • Up to $50 of EOS ($10 are easy).
  • Up to $50 of Stellar Lumens (XLM) ($10 are easy).
  • Up to $52 of Orchid (OXT) ($12 are easy).
  • Yes, I also get a cut.

    (sorry I haven't put in the time to make this site look nice yet, the things that are linked are much more polished, I promise)