The world is fascinating and malleable.

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Twitter I guess but only bc it's required

Selected web projects

Gather: a platform for virtual places to expand opportunity and connection (This is the one I'm most proud of)

[weekend expirement, WIP] Dynamic ID: simple, scalable, and secure identity

Gravity: a decentralized, secure, and open social network (now defunct, but may make a comeback someday)

CourseRoad: a 4-year academic planner for the MIT community

DRSP: a real-time massive multiplayer decentralized virtual world (currently broken because the last peering server is bricked under a table in my old dorm, and I'm busy)


The Case for a Decentralized Social Network (2019)

So You Want to Leave Facebook: A survey of social networks, from Signal to Scuttlebutt (2019)

Contact: "ascii!" + "~math~" - "qp^n^,"